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We supply sound, not equipment.
TOA offers worldwide innovative products and high-quality services as a specialist manufacturer in the field of sound solutions.
Dr. Sound embodies the image, strategy and values of TOA, standing behind our slogan, “We supply sound, not equipment.”
It is our goal to provide first-class sound to find the ideal acoustic solution for each of your projects.
We supply solutions for excellent sound, not only equipment.

TOA - a professional organisation that improves sound in society.
Through its solutions TOA has been contributing to create a society where people can feel reassured, informed and relaxed. Our corporate initiative “Smiles for the Public” puts customers first, providing the best service to make their lifes safe and enjoyable - and make them smile.

Experience and long-standing Know-How
Founded 1934, we benefit from more than 85 years of experience in research, development and distribution of numerous products and systems to provide the audio solution matching perfectly with the demands of your industry. Our systems are running in thousands of different places, such as schools, concert halls, shopping malls, skyscrapers, airports, hospitals and sport stadiums. Thereby our longstanding know-how guarantees proven quality and the utmost peace of mind.

​​SX-2000 Series 

Network enabled system ideal for installations in large building complexes.

The SX-2000 is a scalable system for configuring versatile and highly effective PA systems. The system features new matrix capabilities, so that a single system can have its components distributed in different locations under centralized control.

Ideal for large scale installations ranging from multiple buildings to local systems, the versatile SX-2000 Series is particularly suitable for using in airports and railway stations, factories, shopping malls and large offices. The system‘s versatility such as dual power source and redundancy for fail-safe operation makes it a reliable solution for any specific installation without long lead times and the expense of custom systems.

Application examples:

  • Airports

  • Railway stations

  • Factories

  • Shopping centers

  • Office buildings


N-8000 Series

A highly reliable system assuring higher levels of security, versatility and sound quality.


TOA’s unique N-8000 IP intercom System is an integrated audio communication system that employs packet audio technology over the iP network to achieve fast, accurate communications with optimal security and reliability. Applications range from conversation, paging broadcasting and BGM broadcasting to emergency paging and broadcasting, audio triggering and other security functions.

Users can select between two communication modes according to their needs: Master-to-Master station communication for duplex conversation at factories, hospitals and various other facilities; or Master-to-Sub station communication for use by institutions such as schools or prisons. The system frequency response extends to 7 kHz, enabling reliable transmission of a full range of emergency communications, including clear, easily understandable PA announcements.


  • System scalability

  • Borderless communications

  • Integrated communications and safety features

  • Easy installation and maintenance

  • Long-term cost-effectiveness

  • Superior sound quality

  • Full logging options

  • Internal and external system security

VX-3000 Series

Combined highly integrated voice alarm and public address system.

Security is an important issue more than ever. TOA's VX-3000 is a reliable and energy-saving voice alarm system certified on the European Standard EN 54-16. It combines many functions for PA/VA applications in one unit frame. The low number of system components makes the design and installation easy, saving space and reducing cable complexity. This enables a rapid system configuration reducing the assembling cost. Three different frames with different output types and modular class D amplifiers with three different power ratings make the system flexible and allow for a configuration matching exactly with the user’s requirements. Furthermore, it succeeds with its energy efficiency and low operating costs, by using low loss class-D amplifiers and modern power supply technology. Thanks to its flexible and scalable system architecture the VX-3000 system can be used for both small and large applications, with up to 1280 remote microphones, 1920 audio sources, 1024 internal messages and 2560 speaker lines. The system can be installed both centralised as well as decentralised, while latter setup drastically reduces cabling costs. Different Ethernet switches provide a redundant network and a maximum distance between parts of the VA system of 30 km. 

Thus, the advanced user level enables the end-user to set the built-in timer (since version 5) and change audio files for general broadcasts, such as pause chimes in schools and factories, or general or advertisement announcements in shopping areas. With an optional operation software the user can easily control the PA functions by a computer.

VM-3000 Series

Cost-effective system for small to medium sized applications.

The VM-3000 is a cost-effective integrated public address and voice alarm system designed to fulfill the EN 54-16 European standard for voice alarm and also engineered with powerful digital signal processor (DSP), ensuring high quality audio broadcasting for proper speech intelligibility.

The compact design enables the system to fit best in various small to medium sized applications such as schools, department stores or office buildings.

  • Cost-effective integrated public address and voice evacuation system

  • Easy installation and compact design

  • EN 54-16 certified, loop-isolator: EN 54-17

  • Intuitive and user-friendly configuration through dedicated PC software

  • Easy integration into existing building management systems via ModBus

VM-2000 Series

The TOA System Management Amplifiers VM-2120 and VM-2240 are expressly designed to fulfill increasing requirements for reliable and efficient communications in mid-size facilities such as office buildings, factories, hospitals, transportation terminals and many other sites. Both amplifiers are multifunctional designs, with the VM-2120 rated at 120W and the VM-2240 at 240W. Each amplifier may be cascade-configured to meet increased power demands. Conforming to EIA standards both amplifiers may be rackmounted, taking up just a 3-unit space. A VM-2000 Series amplifier accepts six audio inputs which include two BGM inputs and a telephone paging input. Speaker output selector for five zones is provided as well as an internal speaker attenuator. In addition to generalpurpose broadcasts, EN60849* standard-based emergency broadcasts which may be pre-recorded*1 or transmitted via the optional RM-200M Remote Microphone are possible. These operations can also be remotely controlled using external auxiliary equipment. A VM-2000 Series amplifier is also equipped with surveillance capability*2 that conducts automatic system checks for malfunctions

Application examples for this product:

Restaurants , Bars, Hotels, Conference rooms, Auditoriums, Office buildings, Museums

Health and fitness clubs, Theme parks, Houses of worship

TS-D1000 Series Digital Conference System

Digital communications, coupled with TOA audio quality provides an outstanding conference system that can be adapted to fit any size room.

The TS-D1000-MU Master control unit for TOA's Digital conference system is designed to be used by way of simple connections to its Chairman and Delegate units using CAT5e STP LAN cables. The Master control unit is also equipped with a recording function, PC control (*1), and one-touch connection confirmation capability. Up to 32 Chairman/Delegate units can be connected in a simple daisy chain configuration. However, for further expansion, up to 5 TS-D1000-SU Sub control units can be added to the system, making it possible to connect as many as 246 Chairman/Delegate units in one fully integrated conference system. The TS-D1000-MU is also equipped with FBS (Feedback Suppression), enabling effective control of acoustic feedback. In addition the unit employs an MP3 recorder that makes it possible to record all conference contents to either a connected USB memory drive or internal memory. With the use of an optional rack mounting bracket, it can be mounted in an EIA Standard equipment rack (4 unit size). (*1) Relevant control software is supplied on a custom-made basis.

Simple and Compact - Economy Wired Conference System

Compact, Lightweight, Easy Setup are the design ideas behind the new TS-690 Series Conference System. 

This new Conference Series features a Central Unit TS-690 which have the capability to connect up to 24 conference units making it the most ideal conference setup for small/medium scale applications. 

Speech button on the Chairman Unit, TS-691L and Delegate Unit, TS-692L enables the microphone to allow to speech while disabling the speaker to prevent feedback. When the speech button is OFF, the microphone will then be disabled and speaker turns back on, allowing the voices from other conference units to be monitored. Chairman Unit, TS-691L features Priority button that takes precedence over any delegate units. What's more, both the TS-691L and TS-692L come with a long microphone as a standard accessory, making speaking a breeze be it in standing or sitting position. 

A-3200D Series Digital Mixer Amp

Mixer power amplifier equipped with MP3, Bluetooth function and Zone selection. Ideal for broadcasting, paging, or background music in schools, offices, shops, houses of worship and large ballrooms.


120 watt : A-3212DM, A-3212DMZ ( 5 Zone)

240 watt : A-3224D, A-3224DM, A-3224DMZ ( 5 Zone)

480 watt : A-3248D, A-3248DM, A-3248DMZ ( 5 Zone), A-3248DME (with EQ), P-3248 (Booster)

A-2000 Series for Broadcasting Paging or background music at affordable costs.

Multi-purpose, multi-function mixer/power amplifiers specifically designed for maximum versatility and  cost-effective high-performance are ideal units for any PA requirement in locations such as schools and offices and other intermediate size environments. A choice of different power outputs are offered as well as functions such as paging and dual zone coverage.


30 watt   : A-230

60 watt   : A-2060

120 watt : A-2120

240 watt : A-2240, P-2240 (Booster Amp)

DA-Series Multi channel Digital Power Amplifier.

Top-of-the-line operation and performance efficiency.

The DA-Series multi-channel power amplifiers offer a wide choice of power ratings, advanced Class D amplification circuitry and a highly efficient AC mains to output power ratio for the complete technological superiority it takes to support longterm installation applications.

These energy-efficient, space-saving amplifiers are designed to combine high levels of performance and efficiency, and are well-suited to ensure sound reinforcement reliability in a wide range of venues.

DA-1000 Series MultiChannel Power Amplifiers is now available!!

Dreaming of affordability, versatility and efficiency coming together? Not necessary anymore, we have bring it all to you. These TOA multichannel power amplifiers are excellent solution to sound application that requires high power density. With DA-1000F featuring 4000W, quadruple channels and DA-1250D with 2500W and dual channels, you can now handle the high power TOA HX-7 at ease.


PC Series Ceiling Speaker

Speaker designs that harmonize with the venue's architecture and decor

  • Quick and easy installation thanks to new SUS spring clamp installation method

  • Wide frequency response

  • Greater variety of ceiling speaker diameters (5", 6", 8" (12, 16, 20cm))

  • Thin panel does not clash with interior design



6 watt   :  PC-641R-IN , PC-661R-IN, PC-648R , PC-658R, PC-1869, PC-2369, PC-2869, PC-2268, PC-2268WP, PC-2668

15 watt : PC-2852

Splash-Proof Ceiling Speaker​

The PC-3CL is a completely-sealed, flush-mounted ceiling speaker made up of a high power handling, splash-proof, small full-range speaker employing a plastic film diaphragm. Its chemical-resistant grille makes the speaker ideal for use in clean rooms, hospital operation rooms, and hot and humid locations such as bath rooms and wet sauna rooms.

  • Clean room / shower room speaker

  • Resistant against formalin and iodine solutions

  • Wide temperature range of -20 to 60°C

  • IP64 rated

Pro-Audio Ceiling Speaker F-Series​

  • 6 watt / 30 watt / 60 watt - 100V line / Low adjustable (16Ω / 8Ω)

  • Expanded listening coverage area through extra wide dispersion characteristics

  • Minimal high frequency rolloff allows clear and well-balanced sound reproduction over wide listening area

  • Designed to blend into ceilngs with a smooth, low-profile design

  • Extra ease of use and higher cost-effectiveness with the metal "back can" enclosure for the speaker rear. (F-122C, F-2352C, F-2852C, F-2322C models)


6 watt   : F-2352SC, F-1522SC

30 watt : F-122C, F-2322C, F-2352C

60 watt : F-2852C

PA Box Speaker

  • 6 watt - 100V line

  • Compact and unobtrusive design

  • Quick and easy installation

  • High cost-effectiveness

  • A push-type input terminal allows easy cable connections and bridge wiring

  • Ideally suited for BGM and announcements

  • Equipped with an attenuator (BS-633AT)


6 watt :- BS-633A, BS-633AT

Wall Mount Box Speaker

  • Stylish, compact and unobtrusive design

  • Quick and easy installation, which saves time on setting-up

  • Horizontal / vertical installation

  • A push-type input terminal allows easy cable connections and bridge wiring

  • Ideally suited for BGM and announcements

  • Equipped with an attenuator (BS-678T/678BT)


6 watt   : BS-678 , BS-678T, BS-678B, BS-678BT, BS-680F​, BS-680FC, BS-634

10 watt : BS-1034, BS-1034S

Universal Speaker - 30W @ 100V line

  • Aesthetically pleasing design blends in modern buildings and other facilities, such as boutique, restaurant and amusement park

  • Horizontal / vertical installation

  • Cost-effective high power PA box speaker

  • 2-Way bass reflex speaker

  • Low impedance (8Ω) or high impedance (100V) selectable by rotary switch

  • Splashproof construction in compliance with IPX4


30 watt: BS-1030B, BS-1030W

F Series Wide-dispersion Speakers​

  • Compact box speaker for music and voice paging distribution

  • Octagonal horn design for smooth coverage

  • Adjustable high frequency dispersion (F-2000 models)

  • Extruded cabinet design improves low frequency performance

  • Splashproof design in compliance with IPX4, available on models "BTWP/WTWP"

  • Great variety of brackets available

  • Paintable enclosure and front grille


15 watt: F-1000BT, F-1000BTWP, F-1000WT, F-1000WTWP

30 watt: F-1300BT, F-1300WT, F-1300BTWP, F-1300WTWP

60 watt: F-2000BT, F-2000WT, F-2000BTWP, F-2000WTWP

Interior design Speakers

Directional sound or design aesthetics? You can have both!

The building's design calls for speakers that can be aimed, but the building’s architect is balking at ugly boxes and brackets. TOA has a solution. With our H Series, we’ve taken a whole new approach to mounting speakers - we eliminated the brackets. Offices, restaurants, stores, atriums, foyers, hallways, pew backs: H Series speakers are ideal for any environment where both sound quality and appearance are critical.

  • Sleek, stylish appearance blends well with modern architecture for background/foreground music and paging systemss

  • Minimum reflection design reduces sound wave reflections typical of conventional bracket -mounted "box" type speakers

  • Two-way, sealed enclosure

  • Weather-resistant versions (H-2WP/H-3WP)

  • Wide Coverage area - H-1: 120

  • Loudspeaker components rotate internally to allow flexible aiming

  • Built-in-passive crossover with optimized filter slopes

  • Fire-resistant ABS resin enclosure (H-1/H-2) 

Compact Satellite Speaker System​

​​Designed for indoor use, the BS-301B is a 2-way speaker system featuring high power handling. It consists of a subwoofer and 4 satellite speakers. The subwoofer is equipped with two 16 cm cone speakers and each satellite speaker equipped with one 8 cm cone speaker. The subwoofer can be installed on a floor or to a wall, and the satellite speaker can be installed to a wall or ceiling.

  • Consists of a set of 4 satellite speakers and a subwoofer, which are individually fitted with its own mounting brackets

  • Compact and highly efficient in performance

  • The mounting brackets fitted onto the satellite speakers can be for 1 speaker or 2 speakers installation


BS-301B - Black

BS-301W - white

Paging Horn Speaker

  • Both high-impedance (70V/100V lines) models and low impedance (8Ω) models available

  • Stainless steel brackets and hardware (screws, bolts), and powder-coated horn ensure superb weatherproofing and corrosion-resistance

  • Shock-resistant aluminum oval horn

  • IP65 certified weatherproof construction


6 watt   : CS-64

10 watt : SC-610 ( 8 ohms), SC-610M (100V-line)

15 watt : SC-615 ( 8 ohms), SC-615M (100V-line), CS-154

30 watt : SC-630 ( 8 ohms), SC-630M (100V-line), CS-304

Pendant / Hanging Speakers​

Pendant speaker designed for ceiling suspension installations. Considered in architectural design, it can blend in with lighting equipment. A directly-attached 5 m (16.4 ft) cable allows the speaker to be suspended from the high ceiling.  It is driven on both high-impedance (100 V and 70 V) and low-impedance (8 Ohm›) lines. The input power (impedance) can be easily changed at the upper side of the speaker. The speaker is easy to repaint so as to meet a wide range of design needs.

  • Ideally suited for BGM and announcements

  • Stylish and outstanding design inspired by the finest lighting fixtures

  • Excellent sound quality

  • Input impedance easily changeable

  • Bass-reflex type


6 watt : PE-64

30 watt: PE-304

Garden Speaker​

The GS-302 Garden Speaker is a compact speaker that is ideal for applications such as paging and background music broadcasting in various locations such as gardens, theme parks, resort facilities and others. The exterior is formed of corrosion-resistant material that gives it an extended service life in adverse environments (IPX4 category).

The Garden Speakers inconspicuous design enables it to be easily installed in the middle of garden shrubbery and virtually disappear into the surroundings.

  • Stylish, attractively designed outdoor speaker

  • 30 watt on 100v line

  • Blends well into the surroundings of various locations

  • Highly reliable performance

  • Splashproof construction

Flameproof / Explosion-Proof Speaker​

Explosion-Proof Speaker provides added safety as to electrical operations, mechanical construction and temperature so as to prevent electrical equipment which do not generate sparks or heat that can ignite an explosive atmosphere under the condition of normal use from generating such sparks and heat.

  • Explosion-proof according to eG4 Standard (JIS-C0903)

  • Aluminium horn

  • Excellent frequency response

  • High sound pressure level

  • Mounting brackets are supplied for easy installation

  • No CE mark, not for use in EU


15 watt : TP-M15D, TP-M15E

Compact Line Array Speaker

TOA's new HX-7/ HX-5 Speaker System fills an important need for versatile public address equipment that can provide high quality reinforcement for a wide range of venues. Available in black and white finishes to complement a venue, s interior color scheme, the HX-5 Series is ideal for a wide range of medium size venues of all different shapes that often pose problems for sound reinforcement. These include auditoriums, places of worship, banquet halls, community centres as well as dance halls, sports bars, shopping malls, boardrooms, gyms, health clubs and many others.


  • Innovative modular speaker design includes four preassembled modules with four LF drivers and twelve HF dome tweeters

  • Adjustable dispersion angle to 60, 45, 30 or 15 degrees

  • Improved intelligibility through tailored coverage

  • In-line driver arrangement for superior vertical coverage control

  • Contoured waveguide-baffle for distortion-free coverage control

  • High power handling; 750W (HX-7) / 600W (HX-5), continuous pink noise : 250W (HX-7) / 200W (HX-5)

  • Splashproof/weatherproof versions (HX-5B-WP/HX-5W-WP/HX-7B-WP/HX-7W-WP)

  • FB-120 Subwoofer for HX-5 and FB-150 Subwoofer for HX-7

  • Parallel connectors - dual speakon and screw terminal

  • A wide variety of optional mounting bracket is available

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