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Matrix Switcher

Milestone Pro has Pre-configured HDMI 2.0 and HDCP 2.2 supported 8x8, 4x4, with Audio Embedding and matrix Routing supported, control through WEB-Base GUI, TCP/IP, IR-Remote, RS-232.

Model: MP-HD42ARC (4x2 HDMI Matrix) MP-MUH44A2-H2 (4x4 HDMI matrix), MP-MUH88A2-H2 (8x8 HDMI Matrix)


Milestone Pro have also Modular Matrix of 144x144, 64x64, 32x32,, 16x16 and  Configurable matrix using by following input and output modules cards. ( Support HDMI, VGA, DVI, HDBaseT Inputs and Outputs) 

Model: MPX-CH-12-N, MPX-CH-16-N, MPX1616-NT, MPX3232-N, MPX6464-N, MPX144144-N

AV over IP

The MP-HD-IP400 is an IP Streaming Encoder/Decoder which use H.264 standard to extend HDMI video, IR and RS232 control signals over IP network. It works with one control PC (Wake on LAN) and one switch whose transmission rate is 100 Mbps or higher to control a variety of functions.

The MP-HD-IP400 features 1080p HDMI video switching, video matrix, audio de-embedding, audio switching, IR & RS-232 transmission, video recording, PoE, etc. The control software “IP Streaming Management” merge all functions for user control the IP streaming system.


Milestone Pro have following CATx Extenders and HDBT Extenders, which catter to any application of HDMI Extension with ARC, CEC, Ethernet and USB also. Fore more details kindly click on View More...


MPTP-T60S-H2  (HDMI2.0 over CATx set , 18G, 4K@60HZ 4:4:4,HDR,60M)

MPTP-T70S-H1  (HDMI2.0 extender 4K @60Hz,4:4:4,18G, 70m, 12V POC, auto downscale)

MPTP-T70S-H2  (HDMI2.0 HDBaseT extender,18G, HDCP2.2, 70M, 2 way IR, RS232, 12V POC) 

MPTP-T70S-H2T (HDMI2.0 Tx over HDBaseT ,18G,HDCP2.2,70M,two way IR,RS232,12V POC)

MPTP-T70S-H2R (HDMI2.0 Rx over HDBaseT ,18G,,HDCP2.2,70M,two way IR,RS232,12V POC)

MPTP-T70SC-H2 (HDMI2.0 HDBT Extender,IR,RS232 ARC,70m,support Scaler & test pattern )

MPTP-T70-WPT-4K (HDBT wallplate Tx, 4K, HDCP 2.2, 70m, HDMI, VGA, IR & RS232, PoH)

MPTP-T70HDV    (HDMI, DVI, VGA(3to1) HDBT Tx & HDBT Rx (1to3) HDMI, DVI, VGA,1080p)

MPTP-T100SS      (HDMI extender 4K@60HZ, 100m, IR, RS232 & 2 Ethernet , 2 way 24v POH)

MPTP-T100SS-H2 (HDMI 2.0 extender,18G,100m,2way IR,RS232,2 way 24v POC,2 ethernet)

MPTP-T101US       (HDMI extender, 4K, 100m, HDMI ,USB 2.0,RS232 ,with 3 USB OUT)

MPTP-T100RPT  (HDBT Repeater,100m, IN-1 HDBT ,OUT-1 HDBT,2 HDMI,1 AUDIO, COAX)

Splitters / Multipliers

Milestone Pro Splitter supports 4K, 18G, HDMI 2.0, HDCP 2.2, HDCP 2.3, HDR, CEC and EDID.


MP-DA2UHD-H2   (HDMI 2.0 splitter 1x2,  18G, HDR & HDCP 2.3, 4K@60Hz 4:4:4)

MP-DA4UHD-H2   (HDMI 2.0 splitter 1x4,,18G, in auto adjust scaler  (4k to 1080p), HDCP)

MP-DA8UHD-4K    (HDMI 2.0 splitter 1x8, 18G, HDR & HDCP 2.2 with CEC & Equilizer, 4K)

MP-DA24UHD        (HDMI 2.0 splitter 2x4, 18G, HDR & Equilizer, 4K, Audio Deembedded)

MP-DA28UHD        (HDMI 2.0 splitter 2x8, 18G, HDR & Equilizer, 4K, Audio Deembedded)

Seamless 4K Multi-view scaler switcher

Milestone Pro MP-SC6T-MV offers four HDMI, one display port and one USB-C inputs along with mirrored HDMI and HDBaseT outputs. The HDBaseT output supports PoC and can be paired with a compatible HDBaseT receiver to extend 4k@30Hz/1080P signal up to 40 meters (131ft) / 70 meters (230ft) all over a single CATx cable.

  • 6x1 4K Presentation Switcher with HDBaseT output.

  • Supports seamless and auto switching.

  • HDMI 4K and HDCP 2.2 compliant.

  • Extends HDMI signals to distance up to 40 meters at 4K and 70 meters at 1080p.

  • Supports audio embedded, audio de-embedding and microphone audio mixing.

  • Supports multi-view and up to 16 modes can be selected.

  • Controllable via front panel buttons, GUI, IR remote, RS232 and CEC.

Switcher and Scalers

Milestone Pro have switcher and Scalers with HDMI, VGA, Display Port, USB-C, HDBT, Mic Inputs and Scaled output on HDMI & simultaneously on HDBT also. 



MP-3113-BI  (HDMI 2.0 Bidirectional Switcher, 3x1 or 1x3, Manual switching)

MP-SC-21     (2 inputs (HDMI,VGA),Auto , 4K, 70m, HDBT output, POH, HDCP2.2)

MP-SC-41 (4 inputs (2 HDMI (1.4),1DP,1VGA) , Auto, 4K, HDMI output, HDCP2.2 , )

MP-SUH4ARC-4K (4x1, 18G,4K@60, 4:4:4, HDCP2.2,CEC,Auto sw, Audio Deembedded, EDID )

MP-SUHKVM-3.0 (4*1 KVM Switch Kit including 4 table Grommets)

MP-SC-5TDS (E) (Scaler Switcher  Seamless 5x1(3HDMI,1 VGA,1 DP), GUI,HDMI & HDBT O/P)

MP-SC-6E  (Scaler switcher 6x1(4HDMI,2 VGA), 4K ,auto switch,audio de-embedded)

MP-SC-9T  (Scaler Switcher 9x1 (5 HDMI, 1 HDBT,1 DP , 2 VGA I/P &  O/P 1 HDMI , 1 HDBT)

BYOD and Codec 

Milestone Pro have BYOD and Codec also for Video Conference room connectivity solutions. MP-SC21-CODEC comes with 1 HDMI and USB-C input and 1 HDMI Output. it support 18G, auto switching, controllable by Front panel buttons and RS-232. Supports HDMI 2.0, 4Kx2K@60Hz 4:4:4, HDR 10, Dolby Vision, HDCP 2.2. Provides charging on USB-C port up to 40W. Provides USB data (USB 3.0/2.0) and 4K video transmission on USB-C port. Balanced analog audio for audio de-embedding. Peripheral units (e.g. microphone and camera) can be connected by type-A USB (USB 3.0/2.0) ports and automatically switched along with HDMI and USB-C input as USB DEVICES for corresponding HOST. Smart EDID management capable for various applications and customized setting. Front panel buttons trigger both CEC and RS232 commands for display control. (ON, OFF, MUTE, VOL+, VOL -).





18G in-line Controller

MP-SC-Control  is designed for automatic system control and HDMI signal extension in small meeting rooms and huddle spaces. The controller supports three system trigger methods, IR signal, video signal (5V or TMDS). It automatically triggers CEC commands, pre-loaded RS232 and IR commands to turn on or off display, and relay control to rise and fall the projection screen. It supports video resolution up to 4K@60Hz 4:4:4 HDR 10 and Dolby Vision, and features 4K to 1080P down-scaling for compatibility with 1080P display.

  • Supports up to 4Kx2K@60Hz 4:4:4 HDR10 and Dolby Vision, HDCP 2.2 compliant.

  • HDCP pass-through or converted to HDCP 1.4 for better compatibility.

  • Supports 4K to1080P down-scaling.

  • Comprehensive EDID management with 8 EDID Options for various application.

  • Automation display control via CEC, RS232 and IR.

  • Contact Closure input for connections with a variety of devices, such as sensor and switch.

  • Relay control for device like projection screen.

  • Built-in signal equalizer, provides capability to use longer range HDMI cable.

Programmable Button Panels

MP-WPB-8/MP-WP-6K is control panel with 8/6 programmable buttons in 1 gang size, each button supports page and toggle setting. It has RS232, RS485, IR & relay control ports, availing to control Milestone Pro products and any other 3rd party devices.


MP-WPB-8 (Button panel, 8 programmable buttons, black faceplate)

MP-WP-6K (Wall Plate Control Keypad with 6 programmable buttons, RS232 & TCP/IP )

Audio De-Embedder


  • Supports stereo balanced L/R audio, analog RCA, and coaxial digital audio output ports.

  • Supports three audio modes PASS, BITSTREAM, and PCM.

  • HDMI input supports HDCP2.2, and the output supports HDCP1.4.

  • Supports HDMI2.0 4K@60Hz/4:4:4 HDR, EDID & CEC pass through.

  • The transmission rate is up to 18Gbps.

  • Coax digital audio supports LPCM 2CH, Dobly Digital 2/5.1CH, DTS 2/5.1CH.

  • Supports HDMI High Bit Rate(HBR) audio pass through

Audio Extender, Converter and Amplifiers


Milestone Pro have Audio extenders, HDMI EDID Emulator, Video Capture card  and Amplifiers.


MPTP-T100A    ( Audio Extender 100M , STEREO, SPDIF, TOSLINK)

MP-HD-GEN     ( HDMI mini signal generator and emulator)

MP-HU3VC-H2 ( HDMI to USB3.0 video capture, hdmi 2.0)

MP-A2B             ( Audio amplifier 2x20W(Class-D),2 line & 1 MIC inputs)

MP-A3B             ( Audio amplifier 40W(70V/100V),3 line & 1 MIC inputs)

MP-A250B         ( Audio amplifier 2x50W(Class-D),3 line inputs with IR &TCP/IP)

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